Pizza bread


a with tomato sauce and oregano

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Food additives

1 with flavor enhancer / 2 with coloring agent / 3 with preservative / 4 with antioxidant / 5 sulphurized / 6 blackened / 7 with phosphate / 8 with sweetener / 9 contains a source of phenylalanine / 10 thickener / 11 contains caffeine / 12 contains taurine allergens /


a cereals containing gluten (wheat: all pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and breading, barley: all beers) / b with eggs / egg products / c lactose: with milk / milk products / d with mustard / mustard products / e with soy / soy products / f with celery / Celery products / g with sesame / Sesame products / * with pork and beef

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Extra Toppings

Artischocken, Auberginen, Barbecue Soße, Broccoli, Cheesy-Star, Chili, Creme Fraiche, Ei, Erbsen, Frische Champignons, Frische Tomaten, Frischer Basilikum, Gorgonzola, Gyros, Hackfleisch, Hollandaise Soße, Hühnchenbrust, Jalapenos, Kapern, Käse, Kidneybohnen, Knoblauch, Lachs, Lauchzwiebeln, Mais, Meeresfrüchte, Morzzarella, Muscheln, No Extra Toppings, Oliven, Paprika, Parmaschinken, Parmesan, Peperoni, Ruccola, Salami, Sardellen, Schafskäse, Scharfe Peperoni, Scharfe Salami, Schinken, Shrimps, Speck, Spinat, Sucuk, Thunfisch, Zucchini, Zwiebeln

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